Roleplay Furry!

After a long interstellar journey, you feel the ship firing its maneuveing thrusters. Out the porthole you see a space station. Docking completed, you go to the airlock. Once inside the station, you are confronted by a guy with a big projectile weapon.

He points it at you and demands your papers.

Click your Role:  
Prisoner Okay, okay! I give up! Arrest me and take me to my fate!
Guard What are you talking about? I'm a recruit! Here's my paperwork, for cripes sake!
Medic What are you talking about? I'm a doctor! Here's my diploma and the letter of exonoration!
Mechanic What are you talking about? I understand your life support systems need maintenance.
Robot Here they are, Sir. I am prepared for reprogramming and am ready to serve.
Lost Where am I?
Confused Huh? what? I don't understand? Who are you?